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Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to manage the crowd outside of your venue just before the event?



    1. Manage Long queues

    In the world of nightclubs and event management, the most disastrous thing is the queue and the people in them, sometimes getting impatient to go in. It’s not uncommon for people to wait in the long queue, standing 20 or 30 minutes or maybe more, before they get into their desired venue. But the life of the manager or the doorman becomes very hectic to check each and every single person’s name, tick that in the sheet, and then let them in. Sometimes, by the time a person gets in, they lose interest as well or just quit from outside, even though they spent money for that.



      2. Manage data of the visitors

      Using pen and paper is the most common and traditional way of managing guestlists in the world of event management and nightclubs. If you are a bit more than that, an excel sheet is the alternative for this. But is it worth it to spend time managing a lot of excel sheets or the papers with a long list of visitors? And what if you may lose it?



        3. Earn more profit

        Whether you are conducting events for your business or hosting an event at your nightclub, in the end, what matters is the numbers. Sell more tickets and manage your guests wisely within less time is every event manager or nightclub manager’s wish is. The whole event and nightlife business relies on the revenue generated from our events. 



        But what if we just look for a simplified solution for our business?

        If you are thinking of how these 3 problems can be solved, Here is the solution for you – BaBash GateMe – The most advanced digital event management tool.

        The digital guest list management system is the key that makes your event run smoothly. You can let people in faster and they don’t need to stand a lot of minutes in line, which means you’ll be able to maximize profits by not wasting time on queuing up before each person arrives!

        GateMe’s QR code and name check-in system is the best way to speed up your arrival time. You can even add an +1 for extra guest satisfaction!


        BaBash GateMe

        • Ultrafast check-in system
        • Organize and manage your guest lists perfectly
        • Selling tickets in advance
        • FB Going list import
        • All in one system

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